Zallus Predictive Controller

Learning and Model Predictive Control

This revolutionary system learns and mathematically models the system it is controlling. It then uses this information to create a model predictive based control. This device is designed to convert regular appliances into precision reflow ovens, ceramic ovens, kilins, brewing fridges and more.

Why Use Model Predictive Control?

In contrast to PID which is a reactive control, model predictive control determines the optimal input given the nature of the system and the desired future control targets. Consequently, this minimizes undershoot and overshoot.

An Example System

The Zallus Controller ecosystem is designed to work over secure Wifi to communicate with an android tablet or PC. The second piece of the Zallus Controller ecosystem is the Zallus Switch. The Zallus Switch is an enclosed solid state relay that provides a plug and play solution for attaching systems such as toaster ovens or fridges.

Technical Specifications:

Feature: Description/Value/Info:
Number of Outputs: 4 Outputs (SSR or Mechanical Relay Drivers), PWM or On/Off
Number of Inputs: 2 Inputs (K Type Thermocouple, Analog)
Output Specificaiton: Typology: Open Drain, Max current: 1A Max per input(if power is sourced externally. 1A cumalitive if using the + pins), - Pin max voltage: 20V, Protection: Internal clamp diode, ESD.
Thermocouple Input: Device Range: -200C° to 1372C°, Provided probe range: -40C° to 300C°
Resolution: 0.1C° or 0.1F°. Cold Compensation IC: MAX31856 IC
Analog Input: Resolution: 10 bit, Max Readable Voltage: 3.3V, Input Resistance: 14.02kΩ.
Power Input: Plug type: 5.5mm / 2.5mm center positive. Max Current: 1.5A. Reccomended Voltage: 9V. Min Voltage: 7V. Max Voltage: 12V. Protection: Reverse
Provided Walwart Supply: Plug Type: USA. Voltage Range: 100-240V. Max Current: 1.5A
Operating Temperature: Reccomended: 0C - 40C°
Wireless: Wifi,IEEE802.11, 2.4GHz. Security: WPA2 on top of AES128 and RSA1024
Control Modes: MPC (configrable event horizon), PID (tunnable)

What about security?
Here at Zallus we take security seriously. After required configuration, this controller generates a WPA2 secured local wifi network. On top of this network, communication is encrypted with AES128 and RSA1024bit encryption. In addition to this, the system has both hardware and software watchdogs. Finally this system also has a hardware switch that enables the outputs. Software can lock the outputs but is physically incapable of unlocking the outputs.

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